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Arkansas MRI Services in Bentonville, AR

Arkansas MRI Services
1703 Phyllis Street Suite 101
Bentonville, AR 72712-7633
Benton County
Phone: (479) 254-0434
Website: www.armedimaging.com
Manager: Ms Tabitha Holmes
Services Provided by Arkansas MRI Services:

Yes DNA Tests Yes Medical Laboratory
Yes Paternity Tests Yes Ancestry Tests
Yes Urinalysis Yes Blood Work
Yes Pet DNA Testing Yes Pathology
Arkansas MRI Services provides medical testing services in Bentonville, Arkansas. They may also be known under the business name Arkansas Open Mri, or this is the name of another business entity operating at the same address. Contact this Benton County medical laboratory, Arkansas MRI Services, at the above phone number to schedule an appointment, learn what DNA tests are offered, or to find out their hours of operation. Visit Arkansas Test Centers to compare Arkansas MRI Services to other testing labs in the state.
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