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Salt Lake City DNA Testing Centers

37 locations provide DNA Testing Centers in Salt Lake City, UT.

Seeking a DNA test lab in Salt Lake City? Along with providing DNA tests, these Salt Lake City locations may also test for paternity, ancestry, heritage, and ethnicity. Select a test center below to find out what services they provide, where they are located in Utah, and how to schedule a lab appointment.

3PDX Labcorp Green St
Age Sciences LDS Physicians Office Building Lab
Arup Laboratories Links to Clinical Research
Bio-Heme Mobile Echocardiography
Ce Mt Mountainstar Clinical Laboratories
Chris Wehl Clinical National Clinical Resources
Clinical Methods Phenomex
Clinical Research Centers Porter Diagnostics
County of Salt Lake Precision Diagnostic Services
Dermatopathology Center Qt Ultrasound
DNA Paternity Lab of Utah Quest Diagnostics
Document Imaging Services Robert Fujinami
Genetree DNA Testing Center Sorenson Genomics
High Desert Laboratory The University of Utah Medical Laboratory
Histotec Thermal Imaging Services
Howard Hughes Medical Institute TSN Labs
Identigene University Pathology Associates
Juneau Biosciences Work Care Drug Testing