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Portland DNA Testing Centers

28 locations provide DNA Testing Centers in Portland, OR.

Seeking a DNA test lab in Portland? Along with providing DNA tests, these Portland locations may also test for paternity, ancestry, heritage, and ethnicity. Select a test center below to find out what services they provide, where they are located in Oregon, and how to schedule a lab appointment.

Carlson Testing Legacy Laboratory Services
Cascade Cytology Reference Lab Legacy Northwest MRI
Cascade Cytology Reference Laboratories Oregon Health & Science University
Clean Fleet Oregon Health & Science University Medical Group
Diagnostic Lab Ohsu Outpatient Draw Station
Evergreen Clinical Pacific Nw. Clinical Res. Center
Evergreen Clinical McDam Ave Parkway Toxicology
Heart Sounds PNW Labs
Human Performance Lab Portland Incubators Experiment
Icebreaker Touch Lab Retail Portland Tissue Processing Laboratory
Kashi Clinical Laboratories Quest Diagnostics
Labcor Portland Rhein Consulting Laboratories
Labworks Nw Sedia Biosciences Corporation
Legacy Emanuel Hospital & Health Center Sleep Metrics