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Burlington DNA Testing Centers

18 locations provide DNA Testing Centers in Burlington, NC.

Seeking a DNA test lab in Burlington? Along with providing DNA tests, these Burlington locations may also test for paternity, ancestry, heritage, and ethnicity. Select a test center below to find out what services they provide, where they are located in North Carolina, and how to schedule a lab appointment.

Accupath Diagnostic Laboratori Labcorp Kirkpatrick Rd
Dynacare Holdco Labcorp Lexington Ave
Labcorp Labcorp Maple Ave
Labcorp Alexander Dr Labcorp Tennessee
Labcorp Chapel Hill Rd Labcorp York Ct
Labcorp Church St Medtox Diagnostics
Labcorp Davis St Medtox Scientific
Labcorp DNA Indentification Roche Biomedical
Labcorp Huffman Mill Rd Viro Med Laboratories