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Albuquerque DNA Testing Centers

30 locations provide DNA Testing Centers in Albuquerque, NM.

Seeking a DNA test lab in Albuquerque? Along with providing DNA tests, these Albuquerque locations may also test for paternity, ancestry, heritage, and ethnicity. Select a test center below to find out what services they provide, where they are located in New Mexico, and how to schedule a lab appointment.

Albuquerque Vein and Laser Institute Quest Diagnostics Montgomery Blvd
Alchemed Homeopathy Quest Diagnostics Office Blvd
Bioinformatica Quest Diagnostics Walter St
Carolyn E. Paul Radka Toscova Clinical Psychol
Duke City Vascular Lab Southwest Endoscopy
Dynamic Research and Testing Laboratories The Withdrawals
Examone World Wide Tri Core Reference Labs
Gems Clinical Services Tricore Laboratory Services
Mateo's Dawgs Tricore Reference Laboratories
Numerex Tricore Reference Laboratories Central Ave
Presbyterian MRI Center Tricore Reference Laboratories Constitution Ave
Prometric 1900 Tricore Reference Laboratories Lomas Blvd
Quest Diagnostics Tricore Reference Laboratories Woodward Pl
Quest Diagnostics Eubank Blvd United Blood Services
Quest Diagnostics Journal Center University of New Mexico Health Services